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Roxanne Carter – Paralegal

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Lucinda Martin – Paralegal



Baderunisa Mukadam – paralegal

My journey 2013-2014

I was in business (Take Away /Fast Foods) for almost 17 years. All I knew about the Law was that without sound knowledge of it, the lessons learned and the losses suffered can be devastating and yes, life changing. My life certainly changed when I opened the South African Law School website.

In November 2012 I knew I wanted to study, and pursue a lifelong dream in Law and came to the realisation that I wanted to be a Paralegal. I browsed the web and compared and summarized the facts of many Educational Institutions who offered the Paralegal Certificate – so many options and choices to be made. I knew that I had to do a course that actually gives me credits which would be beneficial in the future.

Finally, I came across the website of the South African Law School. The name carried a lot of weight and immediately caught my attention. I noticed that not only are they the only Institution who offers legal subjects with the SASSETA program, but the Paralegal Certificate is offered at an NQF5 level with credits of 131. I emailed the School and corresponded with Sharon Rhoda (Marketing Department).

I had to finalise some business issues and it took me a while to actually register on the Paralegal course. For a few good months prior to registration, I overwhelmed Sharon with so many questions, and queries. She never made me feel as if I was hassling her or that I was wasting her time. Every time she would humbly respond by saying: ‘I am only doing my job’. When I registered in May 2013 I was filled with so much excitement. Being a student again after so many years really sent goose pumps down my spine. I thought everybody would greet me with ‘Good Morning Mam’, thinking I was the lecturer when I stepped inside the class – the reality was the total opposite. I was welcomed with so much warmth and kindness. Our part-time lecturer, Mr Jassiem, was not only a true mentor, but a backbone to all the students as well.

Since the duration of the course I have had no regrets. I gained a lot of confidence and being positive about most aspects in life, I have really learned that dreams are in the heart and mind of the beholder… No one has control over it. I recently did some research and discovered that the credits obtained for this course should be applied for via an RPL process, if you intend furthering your studies.

It all starts with making the right choices, I made mine when I chose to study at the South African Law School. My compulsory Paralegal Practical Hours were done at Legal Aid Justice Centre in Worcester. I spent four days at the Centre and visited advice offices in Robertson, Montagu, and Ashton. I sat in with consultations and gave advice to clients as well. The experience I gained was impeccable. Already being thankful for the opportunity, I was overwhelmed when the Executive Director, Ms.Bacus offered me to stay on and assist with the FREE WILLS WEEK that was held in October 2013 at Macgregor. Currently, I still travel with them whenever Advice Offices are visited.

Currently I am gaining valuable experience and am certainly grateful for these opportunities. My inspiration, my strength and the driving force behind my success is Irfan, my husband. He inspires me to reach for greater heights all the time.

I am humbled to add that I was accepted at Unisa for LLB studies in 2014. I am so grateful and blessed – surely proof that pursuing ones dreams, at any age, is possible. It all started with making the right choice: my choice started with the South African Law School.

Thank you to Joy for your professionalism, Kim for always being on top of everything, Gail for your warmth and sincerity and Sharon for always going the extra mile.


What a wonderful experience on Saturday morning! Thank you for a well organised ceremony, only I was shaking like a leaf so cannot remember half of what actually happened!

The reason for my having enrolled for this course was to upgrade my skills. This course refreshed my knowledge as my intention is to work from home, on a part-time basis as a personal consultant should any recently bereaved person need my expertise or else if any law firm is reluctant, due to time constraints or other reasons, to do the work on behalf of their clients, but is obliged to do so, I would be happy to assist them on an outsourcing basis.

Again, thanks for the opportunity of taking this course and I look forward to any prospects of using my upgraded knowledge.


What an awesome day it was! I have experienced graduation before but yours was out of this world as it left my family gasping for air. More than being proud of my achievement they were raving about the well planned and well executed function with the necessary dignity of the occasion there for everyone to see. You guys rock as I am the most happy chappie in the Western Cape now. Your assistance is highly appreciated and now as the Master of Ceremonies said we will go out and enjoy the fruits of our toil.


You have shown me ways to accomplish something in my life – I thought at the beginning I would never survive. I thank my lecturer for the great lectures and the time invested to make us achieve good results.


Our lecturer Shamiel was knowledgeable and kept us interested throughout each and every class. He was patient and understanding in instances where a student had some difficulty in immediately understanding a concept. The course material and manuals were well prepared and easy to understand which made studying for tests and exams relatively stress free.

I have no doubt that my attendance and completion of the course has and will continue to help me in my career. Thank you to the staff and Shamiel for a job well done.


I must say that I am so proud to have completed the course South African Law Schools Paralegal course top of my class!

With the combination of a fantastic lecturer, George Pillay who made our lectures interesting, fun and easy to understand and informative, easy to read course notes I accomplished my goals!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The South African Law School and would recommend the school for anyone looking to study law!


I am currently employed at a law firm, and studying at the SA Law School has equipped me with the knowledge and experience I needed to adapt to my work environment.

The staff were friendly and approachable, and the school possessed a splendid learning atmosphere, as well as teaching facilities. I would certainly recommend the South African Law School to other students, as its environment and teaching methods, together with the practical training programme it offers, allows students to uncover their true potential.


From the beginning of the first class I attended to the last class, my enthusiasm, dedication and team building with class mates never dwindled – it just got stronger after each class attendance, and all praise must be given to our lecturer Shamiel Jassiem.

His extraordinary teaching abilities astounded me, his patience handling a class full of personalities (which never ever clashed throughout the year – only stronger bonds between classmates were made), to walk out of the class understanding the lecture fully really took all the exam pressure off most shoulders.

My knowledge of the law has been noted by all and the confidence in all consultations with clients have trebled. I applaud Shamiel for all his hard work and dedication he puts into his classes and will recommend anyone to attend SA Law School courses.

We have broadened our scope of business including legal advice, divorce been the primary assistance and have assisted two clients with there divorce proceedings held at the Southern Divorce court, preparing the summons, particulars of claim, serving of the summons, deed of settlements, non defence notices and Setdowns, and both cases were granted on the 26th of January, the gratification of assisting the clients with professional documentation and legal advice has been overwhelming.

Thank you all at SA Law School, the staff are great and the welcome big.


After completing my modules and my 85 SALSA hours (in which I had my own cases and clients – so much fun, but still hard work!) we had our end of year presentation in which I discussed (in oral form) one of my cases in detail, to determine if I qualified to graduate.

Graduation was an amazing experience, all my fellow students and I being recognised for our achievements.

With the help of ALAS Recruitment (a part of SA Law School) I was placed at a wonderful law firm in CBD Cape Town. I’ve been at this firm just over a year and a half now and its great! I’m meeting so many new people, and learning so many things. SA Law School gave me a wonderful grounding and the motivation to take my career and my studies further. I am currently a part time UNISA law student planning on finishing my LLB Degree in a few years and practicing as a successful attorney. And as they say, the rest is history…


The Institution has a comfortable atmosphere and the environment is pleasant. All the staff are very friendly and helpful and because I have done the Paralegal course I am now employed at the Department of Education.